The activities of CEMDS are generally non profit. They focus on selected areas of competence, which are:

-Financing, Organisation and Management

- Institutions, Strategies and Policies

- Knowledge Management and Information Technologies

- Environmental Planning and Technologies

Its services range from coordination of fundamental research with its cooperation partners, aiming at joining expertise, to research based applied decision support and consulting based and implementation activities to test and apply research results in practice.

Currently, CEMDS is focusing on the following sectors:

- Water resources and river basin management

- Water supply, wastewater and sanitation management

- Solid waste management

It also had worked in the transportation sector.

Further, CEMDS is working in cooperation with the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna, on the research area "Assessment and Governance", as part of the Competence Centre for Decision Aid in Environmental Management.

For detailed information please contact CEMDS at office@cemds.org.